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In our production, craftsmanship meets high tech. That’s how we guarantee absolute precision – for any kind of material and any form. Our production is equipped for all kinds of metal processing: cutting and grinding, milling, turning or toothing.

With highly modern CNC machines, we work precisely within in the range of a thousandth of a millimeter. And when even more precision is needed, we will be ready: our stock of machinery is always growing, to enable us to meet all future demands towards quality and accuracy.

Our machinery

CNC laser machines
Cutting area: max. 3000 X 1500 mm

CNS waterjet cutting machines
Cutting area: max. 2000 X 2000 mm

CNC lathes
Machining range: max. Ø 300 x 800 mm lg.

CNC milling machines
Machining range: max. 2000 x 600 mm

CNC grinding machines
Machining range: max. 3800 mm lg.

CNC cylindrical grinding machines
Machining range: max. Ø 200 x 1000 mm lg.

CNC punching machine
Machining range: max. Ø 150 x 1600 mm lg.

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