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Industrial sectors

Whether machines saw or cut, dismantle or shred - the requirements are always different. After all, the material to be cut, operating conditions and industry standards are also very different. We know that. That’s why we produce your blades precisely to measure.

Our priorities are precision, quality and economy: that’s how we guarantee cutting tools that you can rely on. For any machine application. And for any type of material, whether it’s metal, plastic, wood, stone or paper. The following pages highlight a few of the many industrial sectors where our knives excel. But that’s only the beginning - as our custom-made products demonstrate.

Packaging and recycling

Our precision knives not only cut through all kinds of packaging material and plastics. They are also useful in the area of recycling.

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Printing and paper

The machine processes in the printing industry are tightly scheduled. Our precision blades ensure long service lives for your machines.

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Hygiene, medical products and bandages

The highest standards apply to the manufacture of medical and hygiene products. Our blades win over customers with their quality and long service life.

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Food and luxury foods

Knives for the production of food and luxury goods must meet the highest demands. Fortunately, you can rely on our cutting tools. Cut for cut.

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